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These tools include ergonomic office seating, height-adjustable desks, large-scale collaboration technology and whiteboards and printers. This benefits people who want some days away from the office to concentrate on important projects, providing a new environment for productivity and focus. Working from home requires adjustments like creating a dedicated workspace and building clear boundaries between work and home life. This is a big grey area as a lot of organizations need staff to work from home as it’s A LOT cheaper than leasing office space.

importance of good ergonomics when working from home

You should be able to hold your neck straight and easily see the top third of the screen. If you find yourself bending your neck up or down, adjust the screen again. No matter what you choose as your “desk,” your keyboard and mouse should be at elbow height when you are seated.

What is Ergonomics? 10 Dos and Don’ts for an Ergonomic Workstation

With that said, let’s get into the ergonomics dos and don’ts of working from home. Organizations that follow this practice were three times more likely to succeed. Through digital connection organization can reinforce new behaviors through formal meetings that support the new changes. The key to empower employees is to establish best practices related to these new working conditions and new digital technologies being used. Respondents to the McKinsey survey who say their organization established at least one new way of working, were more likely to report successful transformations. Look for DECT wireless headphones that have a larger pickup range than Bluetooth ones, but may not connect to your mobile device like other Bluetooth options.

importance of good ergonomics when working from home

A neutral position will prevent you from straining your eyes, neck, and back. Under the desk, make sure there’s enough room for your legs and feet. Don’t store items under your desk, as that can shrink the amount of available space and make it hard to sit correctly.

Why is ergonomics so important in the workplace?

In addition, the chair a person sits at should provide lower-back support, she says. Those with uncomfortable chairs should roll up a towel or insert a pillow to provide lumbar support. First and foremost, Chambers advises people working from home to focus on improving their posture, both in how they sit or stand and in how their work station is designed. The ideal posture is a neutral posture since it places the least strain on the joints and muscles. Chambers says people can take several basic actions to make their home workstation more comfortable and reduce injury potential.

Placing your keyboard at elbow height is only the beginning of proper keyboard ergonomics. To ensure you’ve got the right keyboard height, place the keyboard on your work surface then try to type a few lines. As you type, your wrists should remain straight, and your upper arms should stay close to your body, without you forcing it.

Static positions

To make this even smoother, offer customers a list of options based on the tools you already have available. These may include email, video conference, or a messaging platform that you’re already using. There is a growing trend of hybridizing these project management methodologies.

One example is if the client wants to test products before fully committing or dealing with uncertain business requirements. Some organization adopt a phase-like approach combined with sprints. Working from home is a different type of ‘remote’ to the traditional location-independent remote work.

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